Changes in the number of cullings

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POINT! ・What is a specific number?
How has it changed in Oita Prefecture?

Percentage of dogs and cats taken over

Dogs and cats protected at public health centers are not just stray dogs and stray cats. Pets owned by the owner are also taken over. The percentage of pets taken from the owner is 16%. However, some pets taken as unknown owner include dumping dogs abandoned by their owner, abandoned cats, dogs and cats who got lost, so it seems to be quite a lot in fact.

Percentage of dogs and cats taken over

Source: “Retrieval of dogs and cats and accommodation situation of injured animals” (Ministry of the Environment)

  • An administrative agency must take over the pet delivered from the owner without fail
  • The pet suffered from illness
  • I got older.
  • Too berserful, too quiet
  • Owner’s death, etc.

In this way the pets are thrown away for selfish reasons on the human side.

Number of casings and return and transfer rates

It is a graph showing the number of cullings currently being done in Japan and the number of pets returned and transferred by the public health center.

Number of casings and return and transfer rates

Source:“Retrieval of dogs and cats and accommodation situation of injured animals” (Ministry of the Environment)

As far as the graph is concerned, the number of dogs killed, the number of slaughtered cats, and the rate of slaughter continue to decrease, although the return and transfer rates of dogs and cats are increasing, it seems to be good, but the dog culling It is found that the rate is over 30% and the cat’s culling rate is over 70%, and the culling problem is not solved.

The annual number of cullings in 2015 is 16 thousand dogs and 67 thousand cats, and dogs and cats together with dogs and cats who were killed with no new owner were 82.902 cats, 225 animals per day It is also being killed.

What are the reasons why delivery from the owner to the public health center does not decrease?

How about our local Oita prefecture?

Let’s take an example of Oita prefecture where we live!

Changes in the number of cullings in Oita Prefecture

It is data on the trend of the number of killings in Oita Prefecture.

Assignment record of dogs

Although it decreases little by little every year, it is also true that more than 2000 dogs and cats are still being killed.

Assignment record

What I would like you to pay attention to is about the transition of the transfer record in Oita city!
First of all, please look at the actual data!

Assignment record of dogs

Assignment record of dogs

How is that? Whether it feels more or less is for each person. However, while the number of killings is on a downward trend, not having decreased with the number of assignments will be a major step towards zero destruction. According to the story I heard about the Oita City Animal Health Center staff who actually visited us

I will search desperately for the owner of the captured dogs.
Anything will be found by calling a registered dog, a net bulletin board, a resident in a region with a high possibility, etc.
And I will instruct my owner to never leave.
Although it may be a fight with the owner, I guidance it strictly to protect as many lives as possible.

that’s what he said.
The efforts of the staff are beyond our imagination.
However, it seems that the number of casings of Oita prefecture is steadily decreasing with the efforts of the staff.

After that ...What kind of things are actually being done in the culling process?