Method of culling

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POINT! ・What is actually doing culling ...?

Flow to slaughter

I enter the public health center and receive “aptitude assignment inspection”.
Compliance is decided for reasons such as absence of aggression, not familiar to people, and loses the right to live when it fails.
Dogs and cats who could not pass the suitability test in this way are merely accustomed to abuse from people and people, and are killed regardless of the possibility of getting used to it.
Furthermore, the environment of public health centers is not very good. Of course there is no air conditioning and there are also dogs and cats that can not be treated properly in environments where infectious diseases are easy to spread and are dying or starving.

The tragic moment to greet

A dog cat who failed to find a new owner celebrates the day of culling execution.
There are two ways to kill casually.
The first is suffocation death by carbon dioxide.
The second is euthanasia due to drug administration.

About suffocation death by carbon dioxide

This method is best known and is the most common culling method. First, I will bring a dog cat in a cage to the gas chamber. However, because there are dogs and cats that have fallen due to assignability aptitude tests, they can also cover things like hemp bags from the safety side of the workers and transport them to the gas chamber so that they can not move. A number of dogs and cats carried into the gas chamber are packed in a small gas chamber. In this state the room is filled with carbon dioxide.

Stroke from filling with carbon dioxide

Let’s replace the changes of dogs and cats since we began to put carbon dioxide into human beings. (Oxygen in the air is about 21%, and carbon dioxide is 0.03%.)

Acid acid concentration Symptom
Acid acid concentration Less than 18% Become oxygen deficiency.
Acid acid concentration Less than 16% Headache, nausea, concentration, etc. Increase in respiratory pulse rate
Acid acid concentration Less than 12% Decrease in muscular strength, dizziness, body temperature rise, etc.
Acid acid concentration Less than 10% Facial pallor, unconscious, vomiting, cyanosis*
Acid acid concentration Less than 8% coma
Acid acid concentration Less than 6% convulsionsBreathing stop

*Cyanosis is only a state in which oxygen does not circulate to the body due to respiratory disorder or the like.

There are a lot of
Could this be called euthanasia?
According to law, in case of unavoidable execution of culling, it is said that it must be disposed of so as not to suffer as much as possible.
This is a law prescribed from the idea that any other animal has the same life as a person.
This is a law prescribed from the idea that any other animal has the same life as a person. However, the animals die while suffering the struggle. Is not it contrary to law?

Sacrifice by drug administration

Currently it is considered best to kill drugs. It is said that it is said that it is closer to euthanasia than pain with less pain than carbon dioxide culling.

Process of culling by drug administration

I will administer the anesthetic by subcutaneous injection. Over time, dogs and cats are deprived of body freedom and collapse, they enter a coma with eyes open.In that state it is to kill life by striking a muscle relaxant*. However, the body seems to be cramped many times when oxygen does not reach the body.
In other words, although it is said that it is the closest to euthanasia, it can not be asserted that it will be said that you will feel fear or pain while the body’s mental power is momentarily being injected. Therefore, it is thought that this culling method is not euthanasia.
What is muscle relaxant… A muscle relaxant is a drug that acts on nerves, etc. It has the effect of weakening the function of muscle.


We are looking away from reality. Have you seen dogs, cats that are being killed? Have you heard that sad cry? We must turn our eyes to reality. I pray for your sympathy and cooperation to save more lives.

After that ...Actually I tried to visit the prefectural office reporting local Oita city!