I visited facilities at the Oita Prefectural Animal Health Center.

Translations: 日本語

Facility tour

Before the puppy’s transfer facility

The pet dog transfer meeting in Oita prefecture is scheduled to be twice a month basically, but now the number of puppies abandoned has decreased, so it is only done once every 3 months.
In other words, the number of dogs and stray dogs that are abandoned is decreasing from this, and it is understood that the owners who are not doing the contraceptive surgery are decreasing.

Kitten Transfer Facility

This is the facility for the transfer of kitten.

The kittens transfer business began in Heisei 24, originally there was no transfer place, it was specially built to hold a transfer.
Kittens are not in the gauge is different from dogs that can be kept in groups relatively, cats are said to be important for management with individuals, he says it is difficult to keep in groups. Because the kittens are kept one by one in the gathered home, it is said that it is better not to stress the kitten more to manage it in a manner similar to that, so each volunteer takes home one at a time, and on the day of the transfer, Show off at this place.

Treatment room

Here, volunteers are using shampoo for puppies and kittens for transfer and for health examination of dogs and cats for assignment. Originally it is used for treatment of housed dogs and cats, but it is said that they are not used much now.

Accommodation facility

This is where adult dogs and lost dogs and cats are housed.
Actually it is also a disposal site for dogs and cats in Oita prefecture.
Originally, the public health center protects dogs and lost child dogs abandoned in the prefecture for a certain period of time and can bring them here if the owner can not be found.
Actually, I do not have a breeding facility in Oita-shi, so I borrowed it to the prefecture.
So catching a dog brings you directly here, in the meantime looking for an owner or looking for a foster parent who will be a substitute. Even so, if the owner can not be found or it is dangerous to bite and can not give up to people, I will not finish culling them.
Dogs have a law called Rabies Prevention Law,

  • Obligation to register and to register family register
  • Preventive injection of rabies once a year
  • Submit change notice when moving or when the owner changes
  • Lead on when leaving land owned by you

There is something called.
The reason is that if you leave the lead or escape, the public health center will capture it because rabies does not spread, and you have to look for the owner for three days.
But that is the case of a dog. In the case of a cat, there is no law to manage.
There is no reason why you have to catch a stray cat, you can keep it any way you do not throw it away. You can pick up and keep it. Here you can see that the difference between dogs and cats is legally different.
Thanks to the increased number of people keeping dogs properly, there are data that stray dogs are decreasing, while stray cats are increasing rather than decreasing.
Dogs that are decided by law in such a situation have penalties, so people will protect. But cats have no laws and no penalties. So it is free if you do not try contraception / castration surgery, you are free to keep free and you can feed the stray cats.

Cats are different from dogs because there is no severe illness which is damaged by the human body, hence he can not do the law. If you have penalties that will be detrimental to you, you can safely protect them, but if you do not have them you will not protect them.
If you keep a cat, you tend to be easy to grow up,

  • In fact it is troublesome to keep a cat
  • Character is different than I thought
  • It is hard to care for you
  • It cost more money than I thought

There are many people who thrown away for reasons such as. But cats do not have laws so we can not punish those people.

After that...Amidst these current circumstances, what kind of activities are doing in Japanese society?