The difference between the world and Japan

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・What is the difference with the world?

Today, in Japan it is said that the culling is done but it is said to be the worst in the world. What is the difference between the world and Japan …

In the world …

  • Various “animal rights” are allowed
  • Germany has no slaughterhouse
  • Dogs and cats are not sold at pet shops
  • Thorough discipline consciousness
  • There is a provision of pet food
  • Tax system for dogs

Has been done.

Various “animal rights” are recognized

What is animal rights …
It is a way of thinking that animals have the right to live according to the nature of each animal without being exploited or treated atrociously from human beings. In the world, we value the right to animals. It is the present situation that it is not so popular in Japan.

Germany has no slaughterhouse

How! It is said that Germany has zero killings. The reason is that there is no slaughterhouse. And the German Animal Conservation Federation creates an environment that does not kill it by running “Tearheim”. How about in other countries?


Mainly the civilian animal conservation organization operates an animal protection facility, and is engaged in owner mediation etc. According to a 2010 survey targeting UK animal protection organizations, the annual number of dogs, cats, etc in the animal shelter has reached 90,000 to 130,000 head dogs, cats reached 130,000 to 160,000 heads , Dogs are estimated to be 10.4% and cats to be slaughtered in the facility at 13.2%. In other words, it is estimated that the number of annual killings in animal protection facilities is 1 to 13,000 dogs and 1.7 to 20,000 cats. About 20,000 dogs and about 14,000 cats were slaughtered in the RSPCA facility in 2013. Most of them are due to reasons such as illness and injury, but some dogs (165 dogs, 538 cats) are killed whether there is no vacancy in the facility and healthy.


Many dogs and cats are slaughtered in American animal shelters. In HSUS and ASPCA, we are accepting culling as a last resort in a way to tackle the suppression. According to HSUS, in the latest estimate (2012-2013), about 2.7 million healthy dogs and cats, equivalent to about 40% of 600-800,000 dogs and cats annually entering an animal protection facility in the nation, It is said to have been killed. However, in the 1970s, 12 to 20 million dogs and cats were slaughtered in the facility every year, and the number of dogs and cats killing has decreased greatly.

Dogs and cats are not sold at pet shops

In fact, Europe is focusing on animal welfare to the extent that it is said to be “animal welfare advanced country”. The countries that are particularly focused on European countries are the UK and Germany.It is said that it is 100 years ahead of Japan in animal welfare.

  • Legal pet shop is fully licensed
  • Prohibition of selling pet shops without licenses

There are strict laws such as.

Thorough discipline consciousness

In Germany, keeping dogs is aware of the awareness of going to training as a matter of course. Public institutions such as trains and buses can ride with dogs as there are many well-trained dogs and highly conscious owners. There is no need to put it in a carry bag or cage. In England, the idea that a dog is a friend or family is deeply penetrated. Therefore, as a human being educates his / her child, naturally the dog also attaches to the training school. Therefore, many dogs who are taking a walk in the park etc are Nolead. Although walking of Noreeed in Japan is a responsibility matter of the owner, it seems that it is possible only because training is done properly, and fighting dogs etc are rare. Of course, public transportation, restaurants, and hotels are well entrance if dogs are trained properly.

There is a provision of pet food

Do you know that the pet food you are buying is not food? Regulations by human food related laws and regulations are not accepted in principle and dog foods and cat foods are said to have “package name”, “expiration date”, “raw material name”, “country of origin”, “manufacturer, importer or distributor Name and address “are required to be displayed.

Tax system for dogs

The dog tax in Germany is surprisingly not the purpose tax but the municipal general tax, the tax amount varies depending on the city, some cities do not collect, dogs are registered and taxed in the quarter of the total It is said that it is about one, but there is no function to crack down those who do not comply with the law, which is said to be a problem. Indeed, in Germany, ‘Tiaheim’ is a gift of heritage, donation and volunteer to find foster parents over 500. The answering machine is a violation for more than 6 hours and it is fine.


The world respects pets much compared with Japan. It will not be said badly if Japan also like the world.