Why cats than dogs?

Translations: 日本語


・Why are cats more than killed than dogs
・What measures are taken?

Abandonment by owner

At present, over 10,000 dogs and cats are slaughtered with the number of killings. And it is the current situation that cats are more killing than dogs. But why is it so much? Cause of the cat’s slaughter comes … As you can see, it is because there are owners who throw away the cats. This is the testimonial of the owner who threw away the cat

  • Pets are prohibited to move to
  • Because the cat grew bigger and cute
  • Because many kittens were born with unexpected birth
  • I tried breeding in the interesting half, but I was not looking for a cat got a kitten
  • I will not listen to you, because the inside of the room will be full of scratches with nails and sticks
  • It is serious if you scratch the baby!
  • Cats got sick but I can not afford it economically
  • Long-term care for old cats
  • Because there is no one who takes care of the owner’s death

There is a voice called. As such an owner appears, the number of abandoned cats (wild) increases.

Feeding to a stray cat

Now breeding of stray cats is increasing at the present time. Although it is not said that giving food to a stray cat who came to the neighborhood from long ago has an image. However, it is no exaggeration to say that that kind hearted behavior is plaguing the cat. Cats are said to have fewer kittens with lower reproductive ability in areas with less food than areas with abundant food. In other words, when humans feed, the vitality increases and the number of kittens brought down is increased. The kittens born at this time have a vicious circle of facilities to the facility as a cat whose owner is unknown. First of all, it is to stop bait, which is the cause of the vicious circle. But cat lover is tough to endure food! Let’s endure if you can save a kittens by hitting there.


Everyone, did you understand why cats are more than dogs? Even now, the number of killings of cats has not decreased and we are planning measures to reduce them even in the world. What we can do is to stop bait feeding to the stray cat that leads to the killing and protect the precious life.