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The other day Peace Wanko Japan was reported as a hypocritical organization and so on.

This page explains the problem raised by Peace Wanko Japan in a clear and understandable manner.
On this site, we are introducing the activity contents of Peace Wanko Japan on another page, so please have a look there as well.

What is the issue raised by Peace One Japan?

People who are not familiar with animal protection too much in this report also think that people who knew the existence of Peace Wanko Japan as a trigger from this news as well.
Peace Wanko Japan was an activity to prevent killing the original activity. There are plural groups, not only Peace Wanko Japan, that carry out such activities as animal protection activities.

Among them, Peace One Japan will be a topic because it achieved the achievement that in 2016 Hiroshima Prefecture, which had the largest number of killings in 2011, was killed to zero.

In this way, Peace Wanko Japan has become an animal conservation organization attracting attention in Japan. As a result, many donations also gathered.

However, it seems that the end of the donation and the state of the protected animals were not very good condition.
Weekly Shincho Shimbun and female seven etc had regularly taken up on that problem.
On the other hand, Peace Wanko Japan had given out information such as “It is not hypocrisy”, “Donation money is properly distributed” every time.

Such condition continued, but on November 20, 2018, the Hiroshima prefectural police sent a letter to the representative of “Peace Wanko Japan”.
This is a series of peaceful drinks taken up in recent news.

Illustration of headache (male)

Peace One Japan · Japan’s problem

Peace Wanko Japan has a policy not to perform contraceptive castration surgery like Germany and Norway.
On the other hand, it is common to conduct pregnancy surgery in other animal protection projects as well.

In addition, it is common to conduct activities to have owners who deposit in facilities and organizations take responsibility, but Peace Wanko Japan does not do anything to the owner’s responsibility.
With regard to these matters, the voice that “It seems that fundraising is the subject of fundraising as much as you can see” and so on, etc., has attracted attention in this news report.

Furthermore, because Peace One Japan is a business of NPO corporation “Peace Winds Japan”, it is supposed to not collect funds and distribute it by staff, members, etc.
However, usage for more than 300 million yen is unknown.
According to the summary on accusations issued by “The Network for Thinking the Future of Protective Dogs in Japan”, as of June 2017, there were 900 dogs in the shelter and 1,400 dogs in January 2018 as overcrowded accommodation It seems it was.

  • There were rooms in which more than 20 people were in a room such as 10 tatami, and about 30 dogs died in the month.
  • Many causes of death are traumatic shock by collective lynching, blood loss loss, etc.

Shocking content and so on are written.

In addition, it seems that these damages were affected not only by dogs and cats but also by staff and staff working at facilities. According to the Weekly Shincho released on September 20, staff became PTSD and it seems that it was not uncommon to retire in less than a year.

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PTSD is caused by experiences such as life threatening or loss of human dignity. It becomes difficult to send everyday life with a normal heart, treatment by experts becomes indispensable for recovering to the original state.
A major feature of PTSD is that it will become psychologically unstable as if the past trauma experience is still going on. Because of flashbacks and nightmares, fear, helplessness, feeling of hopelessness at the time of trauma experience revive, anxiety reactions occur only by encountering things or circumstances that remind the experience, such as mental hypersensitivity To get away.
It means that Peace Wanko Japan gives officials and other people a shock enough to become PTSD.

Quote source: Cause, symptom, case of PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) [Mental health] All About(ja)

In this way, Peace Wanko Japan was attracting great attention, there were dogs and cats that sent a tragic end, although they were not killed.
Certainly it is important to help dogs and cats being killed in the gas chambers, but it is a pity that such reality will occur on the other hand.


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