What is given by animal program ...

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・Good or bad for animal programs
・Effects of pets

Nowadays there are many animal programs on TV. I might think why, but to be honest I could not investigate further. So I wrote with reference to the net articles and viewers, our opinions.

  • Very pretty
  • I can know unknown animals
  • Knowing one side you do not know of an animal you know
  • Get tired from day to day
  • If you have an animal program you will find it alright
  • Family fun

There was an opinion.

There are objections also to animal programs that will heal and revitalize everyone.

  • It is not interesting or tired
  • Is it because it is cheaper than using a talent?
  • Too much similarity
  • There is a feeling of interaction

Among various opinions, it is said that hormones called oxytocin “affection hormone” are secreted by seeing pets. There are four effects.

Relaxing stress

It is indispensable for mitigating and suppressing secretion at the time of stress which reduces and induces stress such as physical and mental fatigue, sleep deprivation, overwork and so on.

Feeling of happiness

Secrets are secreted by parents and children, lovers and other skinships, secretion increases due to the love affair for the opponent. For example, when you have labor, it is highly secreted that you forget that pain is strong for your child.

Body temperature rise

Although it is a research report in animal experiments, it is said that when administered to animals, brown cells are stimulated and body temperature rises. Brown cells are said to have fat burning effect, and if studies proceed it may result not only in peace but also on dieting.

Prevent overeating

It seems to be related to secretion by eating and relating to ‘Happy mood’ that you feel when you ate delicious foods, and it is related to such things as urging you to feel full, ‘not enough to eat with your stomach’.


It seems that there are various opinions, there seems to be good or bad in the animal program. I learned about increasing importance of oxytocin for healing pets and learned about the importance of pets.