Q & A to the public health center

Translations: 日本語

Q & A to the public health center

Q. Is there an obligation to capture stray cats or something like those animals?

A. No, there is no to cats, but only dogs have such this rule.

Law about capture animals don’t include cats, but dogs have applied that law. Many owners of cat pasture on the outside, so we can’t distinguish stray cat and cat which has an owner. Also, an owner can pasture cat on the outside in Japan.

Q.What kind of situation cats in when cull cats?

A. **Only when somebody bring it. However we can’t accept except that situation.

We will not go for the catch, so somebody brings. We accept only cats. Moreover, the collar is attached, the cat of the region cat activity (We are doing even Oita) has a cut in the ear tip. Those cats called “Sakura cat”. Such those cats which have a collar and a cut in the ear tip is meaning exist an owner, so we will not take it.
If there is no collar and it is not a community cat activity cat, we will pick it up. Those cats become the object for the culling. Cats which are not sick, used to people, can eat a meal, and take poops by itself are put out to the transfer. However, in the case of a cat, it is absolutely that a stray cat who has not involved a person even once is never able to become a person. If you catch a stray cat, it will not be able to go to transfer.

Q. Does the dog transfer organization feel like the same?

A.I think that was in the past.

There are no stray dogs now, and there are very few puppies which somebody bring so much, so there are people who apply for the transfer more than dogs which are in the transfer originated.

Q. Is the volunteer which takes cats from transfer an institution group or an individual?

A.It is the individual.

There is only one institution about doing only cat called “NPO Yarn Of Cat” in Oita. It is the charity institution about cat, but it is not place where take care of cats. For example, they will start posting article for the next owner when somebody catch stray cat, so why don’t they take care of cats? We rarely receive this question.
The reason is that the concentration camp of cat become full for a day.

By the way, there are two types of Sakura cat, are community work and TNR work. TRN mean Trap/ capture, Neuter/ perform infertile castration surgery, Return/ return originated place. The community work will resisture all of cats and take care of them for cat whole life. The common point is to perform castration infertility surgery. Different point is that community work take care of them for whole life, but TRN work is return cats to the same place finally.

Q.Is this doing in Oita?

A.Yes, it is.

In Oita, we are doing it since 2014. Number of accept and dead body of cat are declining, and For the recovery of corpse mostly in the city, the cleaning department handles the collection of the dead body of cats.

Since the cat has to take care of it all the time while living, the public health center supplements the local cat activity, and it carries out part of the cost of the contraceptive castration cost. Girls ‘cats cost 25,000($250) to 30,000 yen($300) per female cat (price for contraceptive surgery), males’ cats roughly 15,000 yen($150) to 25,000 yen($250). We will pay some of the expenses, etc.

Still, most of the 70 people in the city think that they are participating in about 300, 350 people, but in those border areas, it seems that someone who thinks it will be cute is likely to spare time and money, Is decreasing, the number of cats to dispose of is decreasing in Oita-shi. I don’t quite understand in the prefecture. There are local governments doing such activities and municipalities that do not come, so complaints of cats have decreased.

Q.How many are there now?

A.It are three include dogs which are accepted today.

Accepted two dogs today, one of dog found the owner immediately.
Another one (miniature dachshund) was like the last owner abandoned.

Q.What kind of dog are there?

A.Shiba Inu is a lot.

I guess because it is the most popular in people who keep them. Also, miniature dachshund and chihuahua are populer, but those dogs are house dog, so it is rarely to escape.
The miniature dachshund is protected this time, I think that you can understand by looking at the photos of HP, but it is ragged. The hair is also entangled and the year is going on, so I feel like I was kept in a state where I was kept in such a state that I was not properly taken care of.

In such a case I think that the owner will not come looking for it. What next is a hybrid. Shiba often finds its owner and many gifts.

However, the most problem is hybrid. If hybrids are protected, they will be returned if the owner is found, but if it is not found, there is no recipient in the hybrids.