What is a breeder?

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・What does breeder mean?
・Current status of breeders

The meaning of breeder (Breeder)

Animal breeding refers to the person who cultivates plants.
The job is to sell puppies who bred their mother dogs or father dogs and birth puppies and earn income. Currently breeders have many individual businesses and operate as a company where those who are breeding by side jobs or hobbies with less than 10% are called “backyard breeders”. About 80% of breeders of this type are tightening, and about 80% of the whole breeder sells pups that have been born in pet shops, racing cities, etc. The remaining 20% is transferred directly from home breeder to home.

Japanese breeders, world breeders

To be honest it is not possible to compare because there is a difference in laws and regulations of the country. In England, Germany and France, qualification is required to deserve profession in the field of expertise, British, German, French and American have heavy penalty restrictions such as imprisonment sentence and detention punishment for business practices violation.
In the case of Japan, you can notify the start of business without a qualification system, and even if you are in violation of the Business Law, there are only minor penalties for penalties. Unfortunately there are many people who begin with Japanese breeders because they like pets, and it is now that the situation is not in terms of knowledge and career. However, there is not an excellent breeder.

Current status of breeders

Expression such as “excellent” or “bad” is used for breeder’s evaluation. Looking at the Internet writes about malicious breeders, there are cases where complaints that bought sick puppies were bad or correspondence was bad most when trouble occurred. Organizing points from the point of view of customers · · ·

Required expertise

With the lack of knowledge of genetics, preventive medicine, health care, personality formation, grooming, the possibility of creating a puppy with genetic defects increases, the problem behavior and illness possible at home where a puppy greets It is said that sex is said to increase and there are many breeders who do not learn expertise, so it is certainly not a suitable breeder.

Rearing management

  • breeding space is filthy, smelly
  • Inadequate treatment and prevention of infections
  • Breeding to a parent dog with congenital defects
  • Nursery space is narrow
  • Parents’ dogs are dirty, or have not been care enough.

Good condition of breeding environment is breeder’s posture for breeding dog, breeding space is dirty, there is a smell, there is a possibility that it is unsanitary · · ·. An unsanitary breeding environment indicates that hygiene management consciousness is weak as risk of infection increases. Changing the way we look at it, we can judge that the unsanitary environment is not enough for the caretaker, because care of the animal is work, we can not manage breeding unless there are sufficient human resources.
For similar reasons it is an appearance of a system where management is not adequate if you do not show your parent dog or if you can not trim your parent dog. It is impossible to satisfy the conditions necessary for healthy puppy growth, such as pedigree management and training to acquire the social nature of puppies, as they are deprived of routine care if they are not hands-on. Breeding undesirable parent dogs increases the possibility of producing puppies with congenital diseases.


There seems to be good bad at the moment. There seems to be a very severe system in the world, and it seems that it has not reached so far in Japan. It is a matter to think about now.