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Q & A to the public health center

I listened to a staff member of the public health center in Oita Prefecture, Oita Prefecture, and answered questions and questions.
There are plenty of information not on the books or existing net articles.
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What is a breeder …?

A breeder occupation that profits from breeding, giving birth and breeding of pets, mainly dogs, and selling to pet owners. It is also a purchaser selected by people who place emphasis on pedigree and the like. I hear about merits and demerits, but what is the real situation …?
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Animal special features are increasing on TV programs …?

In recent years, “funny video feature” about pets and various animals in TV programs, “cute image feature”, etc. are increasing. What kind of influence do these programs have on people …?
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Types of dogs brought to public health centers

What type of dogs are brought to public health centers most?
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