About how to communicate properly with pets

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・What is a pet first?
・Pets are not toys

How to communicate properly with your pet

What is a pet first?

Pet shop illustration

Wikipedia ’s pet’ s page is written as follows.

A pet is an animal that a person keeps for reasons such as relaxing and entertaining a person’s heart. People enjoys various interactions with pets, and watching their appearances and cries.
The history of pets is old, and cats are presumed to have been kept for practical purposes such as positioning like current pets since ancient Egyptian era, and control of rats. Also, as for dogs, it is presumed that from the earliest days of ancient times, it was kept for both practical and pet friendly purposes.
Because pets are animals involved in human daily living, there are people who prefer animals that can respond to human life cycle and animals that do not interfere with human life.
Pets are animals with life, unlike simple things, it is necessary to pay attention to various things such as nutrition and environment, including health and mental condition. People need to take care variously, such as preparing food for survival of pets, preparing cages, huts, beds, etc. In that sense, pets differ from wild animals mutually It can be said that you live in a relationship.

Quote source: Wikipedia(ja)

As written in Wikipedia, relationships between pets and humans have been done since long ago.
Recently, pet boom has come to keep pets in many families.

On the other hand, news that begins pet keeping with an easy feeling and escapes as a public health center or an abandoned pet without proper care is becoming a hot topic.

Pet is not an owner’s toy

Illustration of pets to be disposed of

Although it is a pet, it must be a living creature on the earth.

Yet, it has become increasingly common that pets are treated brutally and bad manners who release them to the wilderness without properly taking care of them are talking about.
Since pets are not raised in a natural environment, pets can not live if they throw away because they are tired of pets.
Keeping a pet is the same as keeping a single life. When you keep a pet, you must have a determined determination.

What is required of the pet owner

Illustration of a kitty drinking milk in a baby bottle (lie down)

It says that the site of Japan Association for the Conservation of Animals requires the following 10 conditions.

① The housing is in a situation where you can keep pets
② that there is agreement of all family members to welcome pets
③ no worry about animal allergy
④ be ready to keep breeding until the lifetime of the pet (lifelong breeding)
⑤ have physical fitness to take care, avoid that time
⑥ Mental attitude to care for elderly pets
⑦ to consider economic burden
⑧ that necessary discipline and consideration to the surroundings can be done
⑨ Be ready to continue breeding when moving or relocating
⑩ Think about a saucer when you can not keep it.

Quote source: Ten conditions necessary for owners | Public interest Foundation Japan Animals Association(ja)

In keeping pets this is all you need to keep pets.

How to keep pets

There are mainly two kinds if you keep pets today. One way is to “buy a pet at a pet shop”.
The other method is “to transfer pets through a public health center at a transfer meeting” method.
Both of these methods have “good side” and “bad side” in both.
I summarized it based on the opinion of the public health center.

When buying a pet at a pet shop

There are cases where it seems to be impossible to use a pet shop in the general public, but I have “good side” and “bad side” which are unknown unexpectedly.

A good side

  • Unlike the transfer of public health centers, there are no conditions or guidance for purchase.

  • You can choose any kind of pet.     * It is possible to predict to some extent how big it will be the cute dog breed and future.

  • I have a pedigree, etc.

  • I know the birthday and age.

  • Some stores will tell you the characteristics of the dog in detail

Bad side

  • It costs a considerable amount of money

  • Because you can easily keep any pet, you can buy your pet with honest feeling if you have money.

  • Problems when older people purchase, when pets can not be taken care of

  • There is also a store that sells pet you want to sell, without detailed explanation.

  • There are times when the owner can not look after carefully until the end after selling cheap pets for sale.

When transferring a pet at a transfer meeting

If you keep a pet, it is said that “it is best to take a pet that does not have a family”, but how is the reality problem?

A good side

  • You can collect it for free.

  • You can help the life of a pet taken at a public health center.

  • You can undertake pets of a certain year.

Bad side

  • It can not be transferred to a person living alone

  • The transfer agreement is very strict.

  • Problems when older people take over, when pets can not be taken care of

  • There are many dogs that come to the transfer meeting such as wild and adult dogs (big dogs), so it is not always possible to meet pets of your choice

  • It takes time to transfer the pet because it is necessary to take lectures etc.

Is it better to buy at a pet shop, or transfer from a public health center etc.

If you want a pet of your choice, a pet shop. If you say “anything is fine” it is preferable to take part in the transfer and get it.

As a pet shop side, as the business consciousness to sell pets as soon as possible is high, there are many cases where they sell without properly explaining what happens during the pet’s habits and growth process, There is no choice because there is no obligation to explain in detail.
According to people at public health centers, even if it is not an unfavorable person to keep a pet, it is easy to purchase it, and it seems that the case that we can not take care of it until the end also seems to be ruined.

When transferring a pet at a public health center, basically the contract was strict and it was said that he wanted to accept pets, but he said he could not give up so easily.

And when placing a contract on the contract, interviewing, there are many things that you can not avoid refusing acceptance because of being single, elderly and so on.

Also, many of the dogs brought to the public health center are large dogs and many elderly people often recommend pet shops even at public health centers where care such as walking is severe, You may wonder why it is tough or make an interview.
However, as a public health center, it seems most difficult for the owner who gave the public health center to escape pets without proper care.
This is obvious because it has an obligation to capture stray dogs and stray cats picked up at the request as requested from public health centers.

Although the talk changes slightly, recently, YouTuber, famous for being the most reputed in the country, Hikakin, uploaded a video “I kept a cat”. Many comments such as “You should transfer,” “Do not use pet shops, etc.” in the comment field of that movie were received. However, as mentioned above, in reality, since there are also such facts, it seems that the assignment of pets was strict, so I think how closely the pet shop is “evil”. It is not easy to say that what we want to say is responsibility if you keep it and that you can withdraw from the public health center.