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We talked about the team “How can I do it?” “How can I solve the problem?” This solution is a solution that I thought about discussing with the team after having experienced variously.
The solution to be introduced here is a solution that we examined, after experiencing various experiences, discussing with the team. We have not only examined the problem but also studied to solve the fundamental part of the problem.
We are thinking about a more practical and practical concrete measure and sharing it.

The solution we think!

Based on our previous surveys and visits, we have considered solutions to our problems!
The following is the one we made based on the discussion.

I think that you should do consciousness reform against pets.
What I think should be done for that,
· Strengthened explanation from pet shop to owner
· The owner checks about pets, Understanding the importance of life
I think that it is important.

I also think that consciousness reform is necessary for my owner.
· Check if the owner can keep it
(Whether you can go for a walk, not elderly, or no baby)
· Make you understand what you should not eat.
I think this is the minimum requirement for keeping pets .

But, I feel that few people are moving forward.
Exactly the current situation is not it?

So I think that activate community activities .
Activities in the community will create a more responsible feeling and create great power.
What is necessary for that
1、Make an animal welfare organization and get them subscribed and receive money as a donation
2、With that money, do castration contraceptive surgery for the regional cat
3、Local people will take care while changing
4、If you can not protect it absolutely, make a tearheim like Germany and protect it there
I think this is more effective.

Certainly, there is such a way of thinking.
It’s a solution to protect your precious life, so if it’s not a more effective way .
So local activities are important.

I think it should be compelled more.
I think that we should make laws and bind them.
1、Establishment of law concerning animal welfare with fines and imprisonment punishment
2、I will recommend a castration contraception operation
3、Continuing contraceptive surgery such as stray cats by tax at municipalities
4、Prepare aid money from the country to prepare for the reduction of owners
5、Mandate the pet shop to explain to the owner, and give punishment if there is injustice
I think that it is better to push this much.

I think that it is good to reduce the burden on people who keep dogs and cats by performing contraceptive castration surgery in municipalities.
It just looks like it will take some time.

To be honest, I think that everyone’s opinion can be reduced if possible
Through this discussion I knew the weight of life and the difficulty of protecting it.

This is only a part of the conversation, but a lot of opinions came out among us.
Why do not you think about a little bit about your life?

About pet keeping

If all the owners are capable of doing the right way of taming, there is no need to kill them.
I gathered how to keep such a proper way of keeping and how to keep it.
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