What is TVHR activity?

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POINT! ・Activities against cats
・What is it like?

I am doing various efforts.
Even though everyone thinks it may be understood, cats have very strong fertility.
According to Wynne-Edwards (1962), female cats who live in an environment where they can mate freely have given birth to 50 to 150 kittens in 10 years “
In Bloomberg (1996), if it says, “If 8 kittens were born every generation, the number of kittens at the beginning was increased to 174,760 animals in seven years at the beginning”, then by sterilization surgery I can save you.
I will introduce the efforts that have done it.

TVHR activities

“TVHR” means to remove the vasectomy to the stray cat / hysterectomy operation and return it to its original place.
The effect of this is that as long as the boss cat is there the male cat under the hand does not touch the female cat and the mating is decreasing Make the harem Boss giving the cat a feline when you do TVHR cats accept female cats but accept no sperm, so fake pregnancy It ends at. As female cats in pseudopregnancy refuse courtship, as a result of reduced copulation, it leads to a decrease in the number of individuals.

Mechanism effect

There are four effects of TVHR activities.

  • As long as the boss cat is in the herd, the male cat under the hierarchy is less likely to hand out to the female cat, and opportunities for copulation are reduced
  • When TVHR is applied to a boss cat making a harem in a herd, although it performs mating, fertility disappears
  • The female cat accepts the boss cat, but because the sperm does not come out, it ends with a pseudopregnant
  • Because female cats during pseudopregnancy refuse courtship of other male cats, chance of mating in the whole herd decrease

It is considered that the effect of decreasing the number of matings in the herd leads to a decrease in the number of individuals as a result.

Disadvantages of TVHR activities

However, there are disadvantages to the effect mentioned above.

  • Crying period barks and fighting
  • Marking and intrusion into the site
  • Male cat’s wandering in lower rank and breeding elsewhere

There are disadvantages as well.
This method will not replace the traditional TNR.


The flexible attitude of using TVHR and TNR’s characteristics separately according to the circumstances is important for reducing the number of future killings.