What is TNR activity?

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POINT! ・Activities against cats
・What is it like?

I am doing various efforts.
Even though everyone thinks it may be understood, cats have very strong fertility.
According to Wynne-Edwards (1962), female cats who live in an environment where they can mate freely have given birth to 50 to 150 kittens in 10 years “
In Bloomberg (1996), if it says, “If 8 kittens were born every generation, the number of kittens at the beginning was increased to 174,760 animals in seven years at the beginning”, then by sterilization surgery I can save you.
I will introduce the efforts that have done it.

What is TNR activity?

Do you know what TNR is? I think that you have never heard but the meaning is three.

First Trap (Trap): Capture

  • Be careful not to hurt the cat.
  • Attach a written letter such as a contact or purpose.
  • Do not leave the place while setting up the catcher.
  • As soon as the cat enters the catcher, wrap the entire catch with cloth to relieve the cat.

Neuter (Nut): About sterilization surgery

  • Vertically cut the ears of the cat as a mark of sterilization surgery.
  • Because the whole body is anesthetized, the cat does not hurt.
  • There is little bleeding.

Return: Return the cat to its original location

  • Cats volunteer says to observe postoperative course
  • Do not lay bait, wait for the cat to finish eating, clean up and clean it.
  • Capturing leaking cats should capture and promote TNR promptly.

To briefly explain, protect the stray cats and receive contraceptive surgery and return to the original environment.

What is Sakura cat?

In the 2004 survey, the number of individuals decreased by about 36% in two years, and the number of cats not receiving increased by 47%.
In order to make cats received easier to understand (Sakuraneko) I will make the shape of the ear cherry blossoms petals.
By doing so, you can see if you are receiving contraceptive surgery or not.
This is because some local governments have set up subsidies for sterilization of stray cats.

Current activity

In TNR activities, we performed 22555 head crowned free sterilization surgeries in Heisei 29.
A lot of sterilization surgery was able to be carried out by a total of 1774 volunteers from cooperative hospitals nationwide, cooperation with 51 administrative organizations, and a veterinarian to participate in 19 business trip surgery.
As a result of this activity, it is estimated that the number of kittens that 22555 unprocessed cats had brought was hundreds of thousands.
By thinking so, I realize that Japan’s zero killing can not be realized without TNR.

After that, TNR activities have started targeting the “Sakura Neko Supporter System”, and since Tuesday, 2222 yen, we have been continuously performing Sakuraneko’s TNR free sterilization surgery.


What you can see from cherry blossoms can be thought of as being a sign of respect for life and “a gentle person who takes care of this cat behind”. I never understood that I could not go wrong.