Regional cat activity

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POINT! ・Activities against cats
・What is it like?

I am doing various efforts.
Even though everyone thinks it may be understood, cats have very strong fertility.
According to Wynne-Edwards (1962), female cats who live in an environment where they can mate freely have given birth to 50 to 150 kittens in 10 years “
In Bloomberg (1996), if it says, “If 8 kittens were born every generation, the number of kittens at the beginning was increased to 174,760 animals in seven years at the beginning”, then by sterilization surgery I can save you.
I will introduce the efforts that have done it.

What is community cat activity?

“Regional cat” is a cat who has infertility with bait, water, simple roost, this activity is aimed at reducing the number of cats with no owner in the future by residents and others taking care in cooperation .
The purpose is to reduce the number of cats with no owner (stray cats).
It is an idea not to leave the stray cats, but to allow people who are not good at cats to accept, to reduce them in the future and future.

Specific activities

It is said that there are two causes for the increase in stray cats.
One thing is that there is a person who threws out the cat.
In “Law concerning the protection and management of animals”, not only cats, people who started petting are said to be obliged to make “lifelong breeding”, and if they discard pets, they are determined to be a fine of 1 million yen or less The abandonment of animals is a crime.
The second thing is that the stray cats breed and kittens are born.

Regional cat activity is doing such activities as cause of those.

  • Activities that do not increase stray cat more than now
  • Activities where the stray cats who live together coexist with the area as “regional cat
  • Activities to reduce as much as possible troubles caused by stray cats
  • Also keep in mind the health management of cats so as not to become a source of parasites and infectious diseases.

That is the main activity of community cat activities.

Local cat activities in the future

If the number of stray cats decreases, the damage is reduced, and it seems that some people who were not good at cats until now may become only one generation. We hope that this activity can be a safe and secure area by consulting with the administrators and promoting understanding and cooperation of people in need.


Regional cat activity is an activity that considered the future aspect. So, even if I do it from now on I think that I do not feel realized inside. So steady efforts are important.