Group activities

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Group activities

This page introduces the state of group activities on animal protection in Japan.

Peace Wanko Japan

“Peace Wanko Japan”, which was established to train rescue dogs that began in 2010, is still active with the goal of zero dog culling. And in 2016 we realized the number of cullings in Hiroshima Prefecture, which was the worst first place ever. And still the number of cullings continues to zero. What is the real situation …?
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Regional cat activity

“Regional cat” is a cat who has infertility with bait, water, simple roost, this activity is aimed at reducing the number of cats with no owner in the future by residents and others taking care in cooperation.
The purpose is to reduce the number of cats with no owner (stray cats).
It is an idea not to leave the stray cats, but to allow people who are not good at cats to accept, to reduce them in the future and future.
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What is TNR activity?

It is one of activities to throw away cats, but do you know what TNR is an abbreviation for?
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What is TVHR activity?

“TVHR” means to remove the vasectomy to the stray cat / hysterectomy operation and return it to its original place.
The effect of this is that as long as the boss cat is there the male cat under the hand does not touch the female cat and the mating is decreasing Make the harem Boss giving the cat a feline when you do TVHR cats accept female cats but accept no sperm, so fake pregnancy It ends at. As female cats in pseudopregnancy refuse courtship, as a result of reduced copulation, it leads to a decrease in the number of individuals.
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After that...It has been a private organization that has taken the initiative in conservation activities for animals, and its activities have been active in recent years. The response of the administration so far and the future...?